Prairie Partners Inc.

Prairie Partners is a community based agency that continues to work for the betterment of the entire community, and in particular, those citizens living with disabilities. We remain committed to creating opportunities for the people we serve, and seek to be a progressive presence in the region and the province as a whole.

Vision & Mandate

a. To ensure that quality supportive care is provided by the Corporation in the best interest of program participants and residents.

b. to develop and promote a philosophy of operation that will maintain the dignity and respect of all individuals living with disabilities.

c. to co-operate with the families of the families of program participants and residents, the community, other agencies, and the Government, in developing programs.

d. to identify and address the changing needs of program participants and residents, and to assess the Corporations’ capabilities for response.

e. to integrate program participants and residents into the community through living, working and recreational experiences.

f. to promote community awareness of the individuals living with disabilities through active public relations and public education.

-taken from the Prairie Partners Inc. Bylaw