The Handcrafter

The Handcrafter


The Hand Crafter operates primarily as a supported community training and employment program operated by Prairie Partners Inc. Participants in this program are assisted in their search for meaningful employment and provide them with the necessary individualized training required!

Our Supported Community Employment sub-program focuses on building partnerships with other businesses in the area, to create even more employment options for the participants in the Hand Crafter Program. This may involve full paid independent employment, employment with additional staffing supports, short and long term work experience, and volunteerism.

The Hand Crafter also operates another sub-program called ‘Take Care Cleaning’ which provides participants with paid employment opportunities by fulfilling various community contracts for lawn and garden care, house cleaning, and various odd-jobs. A good number of people and businesses in the community utilize this service, and it has become an important option for individuals looking for work options!

Creative projects such as photography, fine arts such as painting and sculpting, hand-crafted items such as our deluxe lawn chair weaving, rugs, coat hangers, lawn and garden ornaments, etc. are also part of the programming that the Hand Crafter provides as an option for people, both through our Seniors Program and our Arts and Crafts sub-Programs.

The Hand Crafter’s Wood-working Program is a well known aspect of our programming! Our well equipped, staff supervised wood shop has drawn people from across the province wanting the opportunity to train and work in this program, and we have customers from across the county purchasing the products made here! Wooden deck chairs, picnic tables, children’s furniture, slip-form shelving units, camping supplies, bird houses (including Purple Martin houses), bird feeders, etc, etc, etc! All products made here are affordably priced, and we often use locally milled and reclaimed lumber!