Residential Support Services

Residential Support Services

Everyone needs a place to call home, but for some, this is more difficult to achieve than it is for others. Prairie Partners has been active in providing and maintaining homes for people for decades, and the Prairie Partners Residential Program remains an integral part of what our organization does.

People facing physical or intellectual obstacles in their lives sometimes require a little more support in order to live successfully in the community, and achieve greater independence. Prairie Partners Residential Program provides Direct Support Workers to those who need it, to assist in daily living challenges that people may face!

Prairie Partners believes in assisting people in their efforts to achieve the life that they want for themselves. Our staff are committed to the principles outlined by Manitoba’s Vulnerable Persons Act, and assist those identified by the law as “vulnerable” in supporting their rights and their ability to make choices for themselves.


To provide healthy and flexible living options for community members needing various supports, including:

-good housing,
-supportive staffing,
-assistance with financial management,
-the creation of social opportunities,
-assisting people achieve greater independence,
-explore more choices,
-encourage and nurture healthy lifestyles.